Wednesday, August 11, 2010

i have a bunch of thoughts right now.
how well i'm doing. and how happy i actually am.
i have no more tears to cry.
no more sad songs to hear.
too late for you. not soon enough for me.
you barely cross my mind.
i rarely think of you.
i never thought i would get to that point. but I DID. me all by myself.
so strong. so powerful. so me.
so in control. my life, it's back.

three simple words life went on... without you (:
you'll look back and miss me, and i'll look back and laugh.
it's a new chapter. new life. new me.

this time next week i'll be in florida.
a week from then school will start.
and i'm more then okay.
i'm ready. and I REALLY AM.

california on my mind more than ever.
life takes a turn, for the better.

i'm loving it all. and learning so much about myself and who i want to be.
and who i want in my life.

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