Saturday, August 14, 2010

you know that feeling of sure bliss.
the feeling of doing absolutely nothing.
that was MY DAY.
allll dayyyyy.

i loved itttt. 
every second.
happiness is a choice. and i choose it.
it is the greatest feeling.

this time next week i'll be in florida.
mixed emotions. happy/sad
i'm ready to see what God has in store for me this semester.
but i'm going to miss my family.

i laughed so hard today with my mom.
that i fell to the floor.
i love that feeling of laughing til tears swell up in your eyes.
i haven't laughed that hard in forever.

i love that feeling.
i love being home.
watching old movies. being carefree, and young.
because i am young.
i LOVE my life.

i have so many blessings. so much going for me.
God is truly good. all day. every dayyy.

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