Thursday, August 12, 2010

a good morning run. a solid lay out with girl talk non stop with courtney.
we of course incorporated sonic drinks within the mix. and continued girl talk.
talks of life, love, happiness, friends, LIFE, MORE love, sadness, along with giggles and laughs.
i love laughing. i love laugh lines. its beautiful to me.

there is nothing better then showering after a long day in the sun.
i love when my nose gets red. i find it super cute.
i decided to try and part my hair in the middle.
my bangs are getting long. i'm growing them out.
it's fun to change up. i'm not sure how i feel about it.

got ready. dinner with the parents. full of buttered rolls. and a caesar salad.

sitting waiting for the storm. complete my day.
with rain, thunder, and wind.
LOVE ITT. loveee lifeee. love it alllll.

i extended my time of being home.leaving for flor-i-DUH on saturday(i think)
i love not knowing my next move in life.
but they all expect me to react. i know what they are all thinking.
i won't.
i'm better than that. than you. than HER.
kill em' with kindness. and laugh inside.
she'll never be me, NEVER.

i'm irreplaceable.
players don't die they just try their luck at another game...
true story.

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