Friday, August 20, 2010

so i kind of have an obsession with trunks.
i have two from my great grand parents.
they hold things from my childhood that i want to pass down to my children. (girls). i guess you could call them my hope chests. or my memory chests.
well i got a NEW one. obsessed.
is an understatement. my dad got it for me.
it came with stickers all over it.
just random places where of course i WANT to go.
hope to go.
now i WANT to add my stickers from places i've been.
something i can pass down to my children. i find it exciting.
of course i have been to a lot of places, so i am hoping i can get stickers from online.
it is an obsession.
this trunk is different.
this trunk holds everything up to now.
from middle school. to high school. to college. to NOW.
filled with old memories. old friends. letters. EVERYTHING.
ballerina costumes. cheering uniforms. A LOT.
and it all fit.
ALL my printed pictures. all my accomplishments.
all happy memories.
some sad. but MOST good memories.
it was so fun to put everything in there and see the ending.
it was FUN.
it was like re-living all those years.
some embarrassing. some obsessions. heartaches. puppy love.
ahhh... it's just funny the things i kept.
now it is all in one chest.
i now have three chests.
should make moving A LOT more easy.

when the time comes out.
did i mention i can't even lift it now.
yea, hahaha A LOT of memories.
i can't to be old and look back on my life.
no regrets.

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