Tuesday, August 31, 2010

floriDUH.. sunSHINE state!

another week.
here in sunny florida. or is it? because i am pretty sure that two hurricanes are headed this way.
the breeze feels nice. however, i could do without the rain.
my hair frizzes. CUT tomorrow. a little shorter. bangs. the whole deal.
21 credits is al ready kicking my butt. i find myself al ready stressed.
but i breathe. and pray. and stay calm.
life is amazing. i am SO happy. so content. and just happy focusing on myself.
and my relationship with my Heavenly Father.
so here at SEU they offer us to go to Israel for a semester, however i don't want to be another semester behind.
BUT today they informed us the first 35 students to pay and sign up WILL go this summer.
five weeks. WHERE JESUS walked. everywhere. the feeling the emotion. the spirit.
i knew right then and there. i HAVE to go. i am MEANT to go.
i will DO anything. i am praying like crazy.
it won't leave my mind. I HAVE TO GO. what an experience.
like once in a lifetime.
just can't even imagine. can't bring it to words.
as far as everything else in life. loving life.
working out. classes. homework. great talks. good laughs.
SEU has such a spirit here on campus that you can't describe.
i feel the spirit everywhere.
i love the woman i am becoming each and every day.
i am molding into who i will be. as a wife. a mother. and woman to expand Heavenly Father's kingdom.
my life begins today.

this is what i choose.
this is my life.
one day. one BEAUTIFUL day at a time.
tomorrow will be even better than today.
it just HAS to be.

Heavenly Father has a plan. and i am learning to not plan out my life... and just wait for his plan.

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