Thursday, August 19, 2010

no words. no thoughts. or a million thoughts running through my head.
that's what i didn't know for nine years.
that's what i had to look forward to.
like whattttt.
mind blowing.

like you told me stuff i needed to hear.
you said things no one has ever said to me.
it was sweet. it made me smile. heck, it made me giggle.
but thanks, for making me smile.
thanks for saying what you have been afraid to say.
sorry i made you nervous. sorry i was ever mean.

stillllll... speechless.
still in shock. did that just happen?
i was there right? like, memories surrounded us.
it's funny, i never knew what you told me.
i never stopped to know.
i should pay better attention. i should have looked at you differently.
but what memories we share.
through the arguments, and laughs, and cries. there was still something.
that something showed itself.

i just want to say thanks to you.
you helped me. and whether you know it or not you mean something to me.
we'll always be those friends.
those same friends we were.
and will be. in years to come.

still in shock. still speechless.
and STILL asking myself did that just happen.
yes, cierra it did just happen.

we went out with a bang, a well awaited bang.

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