Friday, August 20, 2010

i don't want to leave.
i'm not ready.
i feel like this is the millionth time i'm leaving.
i'm a senior this year. in college.
well plus a semester.
but still senior.
i've been in college for four years.
how insane. how crazy.
i am so over moving back and forth.
i can't wait for the day that i am not so scattered. 
leaving stuff here and there.
at my home.
i'll miss it. everything.
my family, my friends, just my home.
i'll miss my bed. my room. how i still get scared in my own room.
i'll miss waking up to birds chirping. to the sun beaming in on my face. waking me up.
i'll miss laying by my pool. listening to music. drinking a cherry limeade. 
ahhh... home.
my mom, my dad, my brother. my family.
missing you al ready.
more than you know or will ever realize.
i won't get much sleep tonight. a lot on my mind.
just not ready to leave. i hate goodbyes.
why does this one seem different then all the rest.
i'll be seeing you virginia... it was fun for these last few months.
i'm glad i can always call you home.

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