Tuesday, August 24, 2010

the past few days have gone by slow. BUT FAST. at the same time.
i left virginia, with tears in my eyes and bags packed to the fullest. 
the flight was delayed. for two hours. hurricane season is not something i enjoy about florida.
after awaiting a long time, i finally arrived in orlando, florida.
took the drive to lakeland, which took 45 minutes.
got to lakeland, with no way to check in my room here at school.
i was homeless. luckily i have friends. reuniting and being with people i haven't seen all summer is well...
PERFECT! i love my friends. i love laughing. i love staying up talking about EVERYTHING
that happened this summer. catching up is so fun. but it's like none of us ever left.
we picked up right where we LEFT.
i moved in the following day. in pouring down rain. finally got settled. 
FINALLY feels like home. 
again... PERFECT.
i am trying to not be stressed with school and everything. 
it's coming so fast. 8 am class tomorrow. and just SO much to get figured out.
ahhhHH... but life is amaZIINGGG.
i have been bouncing from group to group... people to people. just meeting, mingling, and loving life.
WHO wouldn't? honestlyyyy.
enjoying every second of my life.
God is going to work in amazing ways this semester. i FEEL it.
i woke up at 6 am this morning. p90x. 
stretching and yoga in the mix. with the great view of an entire soccer team.
who could complain. not me and my chinky eyes at 6 am thats for sure.
BUT it gave me the energy and spirit i needed for today.
i have been figuring out school. money. a job. life. and everything all today.
still getting settled.
LOVE my room mates. LOVE even more that they are two of my best friends.
oh, and whoever was wondering girl world is finally at peace.
how you ask.... simple. I AM A BETTER PERSON.
i prayed for the strength and God gave it to me. 
i aspire to be like Christ each and every day... and i feel better with the strength God has given me.
smiles. laughs. no DRAMA. 
tonight hunger and thirst. i hunger to be closer to Heavenly Father.
i thirst for it alllll. that relationship with Heavenly Father. that closeness. 
if i have HIM that is all i need. 

tomorrow is class. another semester. soaking everything up.
livin' day by day. 

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