Sunday, June 27, 2010

VeGAS bouND !

Well, after several months of PLANNING.. ANTICIPATINGGgg.. and WAITINNnGgg !!! Our VEGAS TRIP is FINNallyyy HEREEE !!!
We leave tomorrow :)) and by TOMORROWWww NIGGHHTTtt I will be there LIVVInnggg itt UUpp !!!
It's time to dress hot, look HOT, feel good, and have an amazing/relaxing VACATIONNNnn ;))

Life is nothing short then amazing right now. No complaints, no stresses. Just ear to ear smiles and laughter like I have never had before! It's a good feeling when you need no one but yourself and God to complete you. I am so blessed for my life and everything in it, and I cannot wait to get home to my biggest blessing in life... MY FAMILY :)

This past week I have seen two movies. Yea, summer is all about the movies... and I admit I am obsessed. First, Toy Story 3. Gosh, it makes me feel old because in the theater were people my age... like where are the little kids at? But, then I realized that that movie came out when I was young, at least the first one. I guess it was something 'my generation' grew up. It was seriously an emotional movie.. I CRIED. Literally! It was so good. Then I saw the movie Grown Ups which had a bunch of amazing actors. I am obsessed with Adam Sandler. The man is pure a genius. Uhh.. every movie he makes I laugh ten times harder. It was a good movie, and so true. Go out and see it, you won't be disappointed... promise ;) Other then buried myself in movies.. I have done nothing but pack up my apartment and work WORK workkKK.

Life Love and Happiness.
the end ;)

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