Monday, June 7, 2010


So I admit I have not kept up with the Hills for the entirety of seasons as they have had. Needless to say, does not mean that I love watching it when I can. See, the two schools I have been to had a block on MTV. I mean nothing to completely die over, but it did make for watching shows on my computer a lot more entertaining. I learned to love it. But this season I am totally locked in. Kristin is no Lauren that is for sure, and I must so I was a complete Laguna Beach whore. I owe all the seasons, don't judge me. It's hard to believe how long ago that show was on, again with the making me feel old. So, in the past I hated Kristin, but now I LOVE HER. So back in the day I was a total LC to a tee, but now I relate to Kristin completely. The whole thing right now that she is going through in the show, uhm my life. Or it has been my life for about three weeks. Her little Brody thing, and I mean who would admit that right? Uhm... me. No big deal, what do I care. But now I should be on a man hunt... right? Wrong. I think it's time for some me time. Or whatever that really means. I heard this song the other day, about just enjoying alone time. I must say I do... I love running the lake and blaring my ipod like no one can touch me. Or driving around Lakeland just doing whatever... or completely not answering to anyone. That is the life isn't it. Gah, I am getting more and more ideas of what I want to wear in Vegas. You see I feel like I need to plan it out, actually go shopping for stuff so that I am well prepared with fabulous outfits. It's all about the look. Could I just go into Kristin or Lauren's wardrobe for five minutes.. I'm sure I could find somethingggg.

So this post was pointless to some extent but... I love the Hills, and sadly enough I like the drama. Possibly because it is not my own... but who cares...

Three weeks til VEGAS :)


  1. i don't remember my mom sent it to me. i'll ask herrr !!!