Wednesday, July 7, 2010


So I finally had my trip with my best friends to VEGAS!
It was beyond incredible. There were enough memories during that one week to last me an entire lifetime. I got maybe close to six hours of sleep the entire week, ate almost close to nothing... and still somehow managed to take not 100, not even 300... but 840 pictures to remember each second (literally) of the entire trip.

The flight out there was alright. I read my latest book, Chelsea Handler. The book is about how she went through a horrible break up and then proceeded to have all these one night stands. It is hilarious to say the least... it kept me entertained for the most part on the way there. We of course bumped into a three hour time difference which had our mental clocks all jacked up by the time we got to VEGAS, but we were ready. We hoped off the plane, checked into New York New York and hit the club scene. With our first stop being Coyote Ugly. My guess upon entering was... it's going to be just like the movie !! Wrong... I don't know where they found these girls but pretty was not in their definition for sure. I mean that sounds rude, yea... okay it does... I'm sorry. But I guess the movie just hyped up my expectations.. and I took it out on them. Poor choice. The rest of the night consisted of hanging out and having a blast.. until five oclock in the morning. PERFECT.

The following day was full of site seeing. I was obsessed. Everything was intriguing to me, and I wanted a picture with every corner of the strip. The plus side to the west coast is NO HUMIDITY. If I could just move there for that luxury... well then I would be set. This hair does not do well with the humidity that Florida and Virginia provide it with. Anyway... so Vegas is known for there Buffets. So OF COURSE. That was the plan for lunch, at Caesar's Palace. Where I managed to consume... 50 peeled shrimp... along with the entire dessert area... and of course watermelon and cantaloupe; I could eat that stuff for days. It was incredible, and I enjoyed every second of it... my belly popped out with the biggest food baby after that one. That night we got dolled up and hit the strip... and of course took more pictures. That night was pretty low key, but still a ball.

The following day was the Cabana day. We got a Cabana for the entire day... where we got food, drinks, and just all that your little heart could ever imagine. It was like our own personal mini beach... it was insane. We relaxed in the wave pool and the lazy river. The day was incredible. Had to have been my favorite day by far....

Of course, that is just a touch of what happened in Vegas... but as the saying goes 'What happens in Vegas.. well STAYS..' so a smidge of the fun is just what you are getting....

hehe :)

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