Saturday, June 19, 2010

CAN'T be tamed.

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and thinking that it's weird I am drinking iced coffee from Mcdonalds at 12:30 at night... well I have a headache and I don't take medication so I thought some form of caffeine after work would get the job done.. and I was right ! Hopefully I am not up until 6 am again.. because I have a plan to go to Forever and H&M.

You know what I'm sick of the classic line of someone telling you, "It takes ___ amount of years, months, days, weeks to get over someone."Part of a side of me that doesn't exist wants to be like wait hold up what, who died and made you a relationship expert. It's as if someone has an actual clock of when they know exactly when you will feel quote un quote "okay". If that isn't the most odd thing I have ever heard. Let's get real there is no countdown to how long it takes a person to get over a person they have known for four years... this isn't math class... and this isn't a multiple choice test answer on the SAT. As much as we all wish it was... those calculations don't work.
The fact is I KNOW I deserve better, and that's all that matters. But the even sadder fact is that I am still talking about it three months later... let me blame myself for that.
It's funny a guy says he doesn't want you, treats you like complete dirt... but then can't seem to let you go, why is that? Because he figures a door mat is better than none at all. Because he loves the fact that you'll still be around, and the fact that he's changed the game and now he is in control. I admit I've been just as dumb as the next girl... in my time. Fact is, you aren't worth another breath, another thought, another word. Let me leave you right where you left me, nowhere. Let me leave you broken with no answers. See guys think we owe them something, when we owe them nothing. They are quite comical. See, I won't have any regrets. Months will pass, I'll move on... I'll find happiness again. Because it's out there, and I don't need a guy to show me that. I have been happy with myself for quite sometime and I'm not letting some little boy take that away from me.
(Just some words to the wise... or whoever listens)
In other news... my life is exciting. It ALWAYS is. I look back on things that happen and I just laugh.. like, "Did that really just happen?" Yup, literally welcome to my life.
I am in fact searching for something new. A new hobby something fun. I'm thinking YOGA could be kinda cool. Like could be legit. I could get me a little mat... work out in my dorm next semester. It's possible. I could start baking, but that could only add to the loveliness of my love handles, and who really wants that during bikini season. I run a lot but that gets old REAL fast. Especially since my darn knees act up so much. So, I'm leaning towards YOGA... it just seems exciting, and I have done it a couple of times so I'm looking forward to venturing out and trying some new work out stuff.
As of something currently going on in my head.... I have put off doing my laundry for two months now. I am not even JOKING. I look at the pile of clothes.. as they continue to rise and rise and I say to myself every day, "Oh I'll get to that tomorrow." Which never really happens. Is it bad I actually have clothes that last me that long, or underwear for that matter. I literally could go another month, but I won't. This needs to get done. I am going home, and I'm pretty sure Di (my mom) doesn't want me dropping off the goods in the laundry room as soon as I get home.
Which I can't wait to be home. That place is perfect. When you are away from home as much as I am you begin to love the things you generally hate. For example the sound of the garage door at 5 am is something I LOATH on a regular basis, but I am super pumped for it. Or the fact that my house is a zoo. You see another fun fact about the GARTHRIGHTS. They think that every animal in the known history needs to be rescued, and brought to our household. Don't get a weird idea of a nasty smelly house, Di keeps it tidy.. and the animals are well behaved. We have four cats a dog and a fish. First off let me introduce you to the fish, one of my infamous exes gave it to me before I went away to my freshman year of college. The little guy traveled from Florida... back to Virginia and has lived in his happy little bowl since. Four years strong, aren't those things supposed to die after a day, yea lucky me. Stuck with the reminder that I named it after his last name, and reluctantly said when the fish dies the relationship does. Too bad the fish is still kicking... as for the other rescued animals. They make our household a little bit more entertaining. Max... our dog doesn't bark. He's odd... and shy.. and hates people. He looks like a big hairy bear, unless he is shaved. The poor little guy is sweet though... he managed to get hit by a car run away for a week.. then found and currently hops with a gimp, but it the most adorable little thing. He's a favorite. Drum roll onto my moms reason for living. Her cats. They are her babies... sometimes I think she loves them more than me. I have this weird image that she gives them my room when I leave... because LUCKY me all four are obsessed with my room, and think they own it when I'm home. We have... Bailey (named after George Bailey on It's a wonderful Life; me and mom's favorite Christmas movie) - she's scared of people and life... we never see her.. she get's lost in our house and comes around almost never. Then there's Maddie... who thinks she's a princess. Mom says she's normal and not a city cat. Like really Mom.. hahaha. She kills me, but I swear you would think they are human. The girl is insane, and drives me insane... but she was the cat I got when my other cat got poisoned by the neighbor when I was a wee one. Yea, poisoned... sick right? Can't forget about the last two Simba and Nala... yeaup you guessed it from the Lion King. Nothing gets more cliche than that right? Simba got tore up by a pit bull.. Dad saved her.. and Mom couldn't let her go. He is the only nice cat we have. The last is a span of Satan. She's pure evil and spoiled to a core. Nala. He meow is annoying, and she drives me insane. But back to what I was saying... I have oddly enough missed all of them being away from home so long. I can't wait for the little boogers to run in my room in the morning to wake me up. CAN'T WAIT. I can't wait to roll out of bed with my sleepy eyes, throw my bikini on and jump into the pool. Then konk out later to wake up fried. I can't wait for Dad to bring home dinner and hear my family talk about the random stuff we do. My family is seriously hilarious. I love them. We only have each other, and that's what makes us so close. I also can't wait for my mom to wake up and be ancy and come wake me up because she is bored and wants to do something. Which usually ends up at the mall and Ocharlies for salads and rolls. AaaHHHhh I just can't wait. You have no idea. Getting away from here for awhile will be the smartest thing I have done in awhile.

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