Saturday, June 19, 2010

as of now.

Vegas in in 8 days. Virginia is right after. I will be home for the FOURTH. I am way excited.
Me and my family are going to the Richmond Flying Squirrels Baseball Game. Is it weird I am super pumped for that. Well I don't care. I am just ready to be out of Lakeland. Virginia is going to be a blast... and we'll see where life takes me after that.
Sometimes I wish I had the money to just travel. Do what I want no care in the world. This whole school thing just doesn't seem for me... as I head into my fourth year. I can stick it out for a year and a half right... yea I can.
So this whole mean girl jealousy bit is getting old. Heck, I've been going through it since High School. It gets old when you reach the age of 21. All I can do is laugh really, sit back and look at what fools they make themselves look like. I mean it makes me feel good to have people talk about me as much as they do, because a fan club is pretty awesome in my book. Gah, girls are super annoying.. and I am one. Perfect. Sometimes I wish I was a guy, but they are just as screwed up as us. If not worse.

I've yet again learned another life lesson this week.
... you learn to trust no one but yourself.

and my life continues to move on.

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