Wednesday, June 2, 2010

backstreets BACK

Backstreets back? Let's be serious they never left. they have been going strong for 17 years. I'll never forget, what was it fifth grade when they got huge? I was SO YOUNG. Now i'm 21, time flies. I thought I was in love with them before, but I am OBSESSED now. Nick did moves that I didn't think were possible for a boy to do. Brian is just incredible. I could stare at his smile for hours, and not get sick of it. Howie, well.. adorable as usual. And AJ keeping all together with the style and swagger. Like what more could you want from a boy band. BACKSTREET is LEGIT. The concert was incredible. They played all my FAVORITE songs, I rocked out the ENTIRE time. No worries. I threw a fist pump or two in. A little dance moves here and there and just sang my little heart out.

There are just no words for them. They are incredible talented guys, guys? THEY ARE MEN. And I'm in love. There songs are incredible. Okay, so kind of depressing for the most part. But there was something about singing the song with them on stage and my hands in the air that made it different from being in my car, windows down, blaring it. I can't explain it. Best concert I have ever been too, and I thought this was the end. No chance. They are in the studio still recording, they never seem to disappoint me, EVER.

This by far has been a great summer and it's only the first week VEGAS in a month, alrightttt. Get ittttt ;)) GOT IT? GOOD!!!

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