Sunday, May 2, 2010


well... seu graduation was yesterday. and by far the worst graduation i have been to. my high school graduation was better, it had me teary eyed. this was a JOKE. you think some high class big buck school would have found a better speaker, better yet at least had a senior speak at their own graduation. it consisted on telling about the buildings seu was putting in AFTER the fact that the seniors leave, good good. not only that it talked about the forum, and then i heard a personal life story from two RANDOM people that are not faculty better yet anything to with our school. pure, JOKE. i'm hoping they wise up for me in about a year and a halffff.

so it's blazing hot morning of graduation. we drive my car, which seems like a good idea at the time. NOPE. it wasn't. it's 95 degrees, and me and melissa are sweating on every inch and crevice of our bodies on the way to graduation. there is no wind, no gust no nothinggg. i thought melissa was going to kill me, but she was a trooper in all black may i add ! so we finally get to graduation. and we walk in and there he is the graduation song and him just walking cap and gown smiling ear to ear. i grab melissa knowing that i can't do this. i physically and emotionally can't do this. but she grabs me and we sit with his family. i pull myself together, for the most part. but every INCH of me wants to get up and leave. did i also mention i'm not a heel wearer. i HATE, no LOATHE heels. i'm not that girl. give me flops and vans any day. so i rocked some heels grad day, and don't worry i have two massive blisters on my feet. the things I DO to look good. sucha girlll. graduation ends, and well let's just say by the time it's over i'm sobbing in the parking lot by a tree ALONE. with my shoes in hand and blisters bleeding. melissa gets the car picks me up, and we head to abuelos. i'll let you imagine what possibly could have happened in between all that madness.
the end.

I GOT A FLIGHT home. i leave wednesday, and i couldn't be more excited. you can say i'm running away, but to me i'm giving myself time. time to think, to be home, in my bedddd. just be home with my family until the craziness of summer school and working picks up again. i need cierra time. and cierra and mommy TIME, of courseee.

the pic above was my life TODAY. pool styles w/missy :) i will miss days like this with her. better yet I WILL JUST MISS HER. she has seriously been the BEST friend through all of this, i couldn't ask for anything better. it's a ritual we get mcdonalds and lay outtttt. who the heck will i do that with ALL summer. uhhhh. but soon i'll be home... but then i'll be BACKKK. but only time will tell... this life is a crazy one, as you know. at least well MY LIFE is a crazy one, i'm still figuring it out.

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