Thursday, May 6, 2010

virginia is for lovers.

well... on the spur of the moment trip. i am home. in virginia. good ol rich what? richmonddd. it feels like i never left. or quite honestly it doesn't feel like my home anymore. everything has changed. butttt. its still my room, still my family, and still my home in my hearttt.

as soon as i saw my mom i got choked up. she is beautiful inside and out. and it has been FOUR months toooo long since i have seen her. so i got in last night, but first in atlanta i SWEAR i saw little wayne.. little did i know he is in jail? okay so either a way sweet look a like OR he's twin brother that he knew nothing about. it's fine they'll meet on maury and become close once he's out of jail, obviously. so as i'm sitting in atlanta, downing some yogurt mixed in with oreo type thing (fat a, anyone?) some random guy came up and tried having "small talk" with me... give me a break. it aint happening. and i was kind of may i say it 'rude' then he proceeds to ask me if i want to grab a drink... uh? in your dreams rang a bell in my head, but i politely said no. little did i know he would be sitting two rows in front of me the entire hour and half flight home. no big deal right? yea your right.. L.A. Candy kept me company... i'm zipping right through the book. i'm obsessed... i'm so glad i finally took up reading. it gets my mind off EVERYTHING.

so today was a mommy and cierra day. it was perfect. laying by the pool... rt 44 sonic drink. you have NO idea how much i have missed sonic. however i could go back to the days where i paid for nothing at sonic. i was an employee, let's talk about a good time in rexburg idahooo. ha, wrongggg.

so then we got ready... after being oh so sunkissed and proceeded to go shopping. to end the day. i got some cute things, of courseee. and enjoyed just being with my mommm. it was perfectttt. tonight the family is cooking tacos. mmmmMmm... i'm semi excited. food is my life. and don't worry, and don't judge i am currently drinking my second cherry limeade of the day. gosh, i'm obsessed.

va is for lovers... i have til sunday to prove that ;)

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  1. oh. girl had one yesterday. tried it in diet. tastes just as good. that much more addicted.

    i love you

    have funnnnnnnn
    cherish your moma! i miss mine SOOO much