Wednesday, May 19, 2010

no shame.

So I don't know when it became okay for gross older men to be well insanely disgusting and vulgar. I work at a sports bar so I mean of course there is an occasional drunk or two saying something that you blow off. Well NOT TODAY. this man took it to a different level. He's a regular... who well by the sounds of the arguments him and his "woman" have he's pretty much a 67 year old p-i-m-p, if you will. He has two women living with him, and he gets whatever he wants from the both of them. So today I'm taking a order you know minding my business, and I feel the stare. You know the kinda stare like someone is seriously checking you out, and who might you guess it is. YEAUP, captain himself. (He was in the navy or what not for however many years, this is how we distinguish him from the rest of the regulars) it's all in the name. Once you have a nick name on the tab, you're semi legit. Sometimes I make fun ones like little head, weird ears, or something boring like what they are wearing. If they make me mad I'll call them other things, but I try not to. Anyway back on track. So he is legit staring. I walk behind the bar and he looks at me and goes, "you have nice legs... you know your feet are down on one end and on the other end well you knowww.." and chuckles. Uhmmm.. excuse me while I just threw up in my mouth. ARE YOU KIDDING ME. Who is their right mind says that. And his lady friend just looks at me and goes he's crazy. My mouth was dropped the entire time. Like for real. That did not just come out of his mouth. Scarred for life. Men disgust me. EVERY man, boy, guy whatever they are all disgusting in my eyes.

Summer school is moving right a long... sitting in a class for three hours is kind of a buzz kill. My teacher is way too up beat for me, and I'm up beat... so that takes her to a whole other level. Maybe it's the fact that I roll out of bed in my pajamas literally and get on to class. Where there are don't worry seven students. I can't do a thing in this class. Don't worry I get caught. I was texting today, and the teach calls me out. "Cierra who you talking to ?" Me I of course say, "NO ONE." But then continue to tell her it was my mom... lie? no. It was my mom. So in your face teach, chuckle one more time.

I finished my Carrie Diaries. The girl from sex and the city. They made a book before Carrie went to New York. I have to say, its phenomenal. I can't wait for the movie to come out and to see all the fashionnnn. So exciteddd. And shrek comes out this weekend. Wow, I quote that movie like its my j-o-b. "and in the morning i'm making wafffflesss." Let's be real donkey is a number one fav.

So work and school consume my life, but don't worry I occupy my time with a lot of other stuff. I am enjoying my summer to the fullest you better believe it. Never a dull moment in my life... trust me. When you think it's over your phone lights up... and could it, was it, himmmm?

Another story for another time...
until next time :)


  1. can I just say that you are hilarious and I just laughed out loud, i love you!

  2. haha, glad you laughed out loud :) miss youu !