Friday, April 30, 2010

nancy drew w/styleeeee.

so a little history of cierra nicole. my boyfriend before this current ex cheated on me seven times. and how might you ask did cierra find out via myspace(yea when myspace was "the thing") this clearly makes me a nancy drew of all sorts. i have this way of finding out what people don't want me to know. because i'm well sneaky/nice all in the same person. i had one of those instances today. i say a couple of words and people just pour information out to me. it's a gift that's for sure. and i hate to say it, i owe that gift to a scrawny cocky boy who shall remain nameless. toolbag.

welll... today was the last day of classes. oh wait, summer school starts the 10th. this is something to look forward to. 8 oclock until july. life doesn't get much more perfect than that. however, i move into my apartment for the summer on tuesday, this is good news. but i have everyone here thinking i am leaving for good. i like to keep people questioning and guessing. i think its funny, and what can i say getting a rise out of people and giving them any excuse to talk about me, just makes me giggle. i'm currently in the process of going home this coming wednesday. if only my teachers cooperate. i need at least three days home before summer school. i hate being away from my family. i need to GET AWAY. and fasttttt.

other than school, i worked tonight as per usual. friday is always a kind of night. you never know the characters you're going to run into in that place. plus, the amount of little league teams with their dirty cleats rolling 25 deep in the game room has got to stop. little boys, STOMP YOUR FEET. at the end of the night i don't need to be taking forty five minutes to vacuum and sweep because your clay feet have covered my floor. let's think of others here.

my ex's graduation is tomorrow. although i'm not going for him. (okay maybe that's a little white lie) but i have a super cute dress, and i'm so pumped to of course wear it and take oh so fabulous pictures. goshhh, i'm superrr gayyy. but it's the little things in life, come on people. so i put a payment down for me and my ex to go on a cruise for his graduation present. nice huh? yea nice that the nice lady gave me my money back. that would have been fun hey cruise, party for one? cierra party uno? solo? alone? gahhh. he doesn't know nor will he ever. but that ships literally just sailed, and without the two of us. obviously. instead today on his car i placed a graduation card. (hey, at least when you open it it sings) nice gesture i thought? well i guess he didn't. no text, no call, no nothing. gosh things are looking promising there huh? haha... all i can really do is laugh about it now... like i've done nothing and you don't have the decency to send someone a text or call. like get over yourself. cus i'm about over you. one step at a time...

because someone out there is meant to treat me the way i know i should be treated. treat me as if i am the greatest thing in the world. a princess. princess cici. ha or cierra whatever works. but right now is time to focus on me... and me only. and of course my relationship with God. because he never lets me down.

so go seu graduating class of 2010... i'm just glad it's not me that HAS to grow up yet.

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