Wednesday, April 28, 2010

i like to pretend.

I LIKE TO THINK... that i'm a poet ! HA :)

I wake up and think dreams are real.

I sleep so I don’t have to feel.

I scream and cry to pass my time.

The days grow longer, the nights get harder.

I think of you every minute of every hour

I wonder if it’ll ever change.

If I’ll ever laugh again.

The days drag on, a smile behind tears.

Losing you; my biggest fear.

My shoulder, my rock, the one that I called mine.

My heart won’t heal this time.

I’m left here with sadness and sorrow.

I’m left here with confusion and wonder.

I’m left here with a memory of you.

And I’m left here repeatedly saying I love you.

If you never come back to me, I’ll never be just right.

You were my one and only Mr. Right.

The smiles you brought me the love and laughter we shared.

Now are memories that fill up the air.

... i just came to the conclusion i'm super lame/super emotional. whichever is more embarrassing i would rather not know.

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