Monday, April 26, 2010

when it rains it POURS.

this weekend was nothing short of PERFECT. and when i say "perfect" i mean an epic fail.

friday of course consisted of a full day of classes. i wonder what mind state i was in when i thought all my classes in one day was a good idea. four o'clock rolls around and it's time for work. bippity boppin' to my car... al ready aware of the fact that a week earlier my ac broke. no worries though anti freeze will soon be my BEST FRIEND. though, that was just the start to my problems. MY CAR WON'T START. here i am in 90 degree weather seeing my theft light blink and my car just not start. i break down in tears. i am a girl, and when i say girl... i mean i don't know the first thing there is to know about cars. daddy handles that business. so here i am in flori-duhhh. no boy to help, of course. just stranded. who do i call? MELISSA. always comes through... the lip quiver already in affect as soon as she answers her phone she goes, "Melissa's comingggg!" seriously she's perfect.
so work is work. after i stay with brandi and paige. our night consisted of mcdonalds french fries, large drinks in hand, mini cheese cakes, and of course a sing-a-long to end the night. at of course, 4 in the MORNING! we busted out songs from way back when disney was legit, bsb, and nsync, to nobody's angel (and if you don't know them you shoulddd) although the singing was out of tune, somehow all three of us seemed to harmonize incredibly bad together. i love them. they are like the sisters i never had.
workeddd til four. then the most epic moment ever.
me and brandi get to school and are debating on who to call to help us. well we're al ready sweating in our TD Eddie's gear.. so we need to do this and fast. we get jumper cables for the not so helpful seu security. we then decide to push my car out of a tiny parking space into the opening so no cars can pass. no big deal. so here brandi pushing my car with all her strength... she looks up at me and says, "WHYY ISN'TTT THE CARR MOVVINGG???" ohh.. did i forget to mention my foot was on the brake. so we both push til our cars are lined up. brandi is on the phone getting step by step directions, and you guessed it... drenched in sweat, and oil, and whatever else... we jumped my car. what a success.
we get to walmart and all the workers come out to help. its perfect. because i didn't know it took three workers to figure out i needed a new battery. but i did. and little ford boy is running like a champ.

i saw that new jennifer lopez movie... i don't really reccommend it, it's on the semi sad side. and plus romance movies we know are just as bad as porn is for guys. lets be serious.

i'm still the girl hoping for prince charming, john smith, the beast... you know the classics.
but i seem to still be falling short...

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