Sunday, April 25, 2010


my life has completely transformed in the last few years:

i've went from VIRGINIA to FLORIDA to IDAHO to FLORIDA againnn..

but this time its permanent.

i went from being someone who had everything together, to completely living life day by day. someone who put themselves before others, and believed in the best... when i should have thought the worst.

i am CURRENTLY still in flori-duhh. school has two weeks left.
luckily, i will be here this summer.. living two minutes from target which might cause a hole in my pocket. it never fails, i can find ANYTHING at target. even when i'm not looking.

i MISS my family. more importantly my MOM. my best friend. i talk to her at least 50 times a day. i love that woman. i miss days of cuddling in my room watching movies and talking. BUT how could i not miss the countless trips to the mall and the laughs we could carry on for hours. july can't come soon enough.

my life consists of school and work. i work at my ex boyfriends dad's restaurant. maybe that will seem funny further down the road. however, i enjoy it. it's a family sports bar. dealing with the public can be OBNOXIOUS but it is what you make it. it's about to be summer and my life will still consist of school and work. UNTIL JULY. i'll be in virginia. in my home. MY bed. with my family. we're the family that could honestly have our OWN reality tv show.

i started all new sorts of hobbies with my spare time. reading gets me out of my own DRAMA and into other's. but now i guess blogging is a way for me to get my emotions/thoughts out. we'll see how well that goes...

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