Saturday, July 17, 2010

one girls trash...

is another girls treasure....

That could not be anymore than true. You know that stuff that you hold onto just "because." For that rainy day, for that one outfit, for that time you 'think' you will need it. Well I know longer own any of those things. I admit I have clothes that could probably be given to an entire army, something I am not necessarily proud of.. but I am a semi-shopaholic. So I cleaned my entire room out, it's spotless. My closet... empty. My drawers... empty. So twenty trash bags and ten bins later... I had a LEGIT clean room. Now I just have the necessities. The essentials. At least that my room needs for right now. I am only here what two months out of the year... why hold onto those things !
So I had myself a little yard sale... little... okay HUGE.
I didn't even argue with people, oh a dollar, oh two.. oh just take it. Like I want it gone !
So after dealing with the families of mexicans and the crazy deal grandma's I finally came to a grand total of $400. Oh hiii... 400, like are you kidding. Insane. I sold a bunch of junk for that.. it's kind of comical to me.

So literally one girls trash.. is another's treasure. Legit statement.

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  1. are you kidding.


    omg i took my WHOLE closet to some resale place and got $37
    ughhhhh not fair but thats AWESOMEEE i'm soooo excited for you(((: