Thursday, September 23, 2010

so i am OBSESSED with the sock trend.
(might be an understatement)
people tend to stare... look at my legs/feet
this just proves i stand out.
why fit in? why wear what you're wearing.
i'm bold. i like to STAND out.
and this trend is SUPER cute.
i feel like i have bought every color sock known to man to wear.
does this make me weird? yes.
or just fashionable, whichever.
i love fashion.
i wish i were home in VA.
FLORIDA is killing me with the lame gross hot humid weather.
i want leaves and the smell and breeze of fall.
FAVORITE time of the year.
all time FAVORITE!
i'm starting to dress like its fall.
even if it is blazing here.
on top of my game... you think?
rockin' it before others
not afraid to stand out. not afraid of stares.
i LOVE them.

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