Monday, September 13, 2010

life is chaotic. BUT what is most important is to SLOW down.
and appreciate all that is around you. the sun, the sky, the birds... and more importantly just LIFE.
friends, laughter, love, and smiles.
i've tried this in my own life.
stopping to just have a conversation. just have a laugh. just ENJOY life.
without stress, without worry, without a care in the world.
life is p e r f e c t.
you stop worrying and you start living.
in virginia there are signs of fall.
in florida... well NOT so much.
i want hay, and pumpkins, and candy corn. the works.
october is so festive and fun.
halloween. i'm going to be minnie. 

this weekend was perfect.
anna maria island. paradise.
beach. sun. friends. fun. laughing. late nights. and early mornings.

another week... manic monday.
let the good times roll... literally.

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