Tuesday, September 21, 2010

If I could have planned my life out. THIS would not have been it.
If I could have seen myself here my senior year of high school. I would have laughed and thought...
But in no sense am I complaining. I am so satisfied. So content in my life.
So completely blessed.
Being dependent on someone for every touch, every thought, every emotion sometimes becomes addicting. That addiction ends and leaves you breathless and you're left alone. Or you think you're alone, but you know that still voice... that silent quite whistle in the corner. You know him... you've heard his voice, and at one time you put something above him and his glory. You put so much effort into someone other than him that you forgot the little things. You forgot how much he did for you. How much he sacrificed and gave up. His unconditional love will never be matched. No human being, no flesh of skin will ever be what he is.. what he will always be. Lord and Savior... Jesus Christ. 
So many times we get caught up in the worldly life. I am guilty of this too. But I find that I stop to think of all the "good" things that God has created. All the good things we have. How everything good came from God. How every good feeling, every happy, laugh, smile and giggle is good. It's all good... and it all is given by the grace of God. How can one even begin to question what is good. How is something good? Look around, look at your life. IT IS GOOD.
What more could you truly ask for... "it is good"
I look back on the last six months... the last roller coaster emotional uproar of something I thought would never end. But was it good? Was it God given for me to feel the hurt? God knows I had the heart and I had the strength to get right back up again. But all he really wanted was for his child to come back to him... to yearn for him. To make him my number one priority. To rely on him and ONLY him.
I love who God has molded me into. I love who I have become, and I will never let anyone take that away from me.
I love the life I live and everyone in it. I went from six months ago thinking I would never feel love again to getting on my hands and knees praying and seeking God. To feel his love... and only his love.
His love is all I need. All that I ever need. I will never let that slip my mind again...

God's LOVE. 

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