Friday, October 15, 2010

This semester has been nothing but amazing. This past weekend we celebrated fall as best as we could. Florida has been tempting us with cooler weather and colder winds. Pumpkin Carving, pizza, and friends was literally all us five girls needed to have a good time. I have met the most amazing people in my life, and ironically we are all going through similar situations in life. It's funny how God places people in your life... for a reason. My friends have all been a blessing to me; whether their here... or Virginia, Idaho, Texas, or Utah. My friends are my life... and literally make me a better person. A happier person :)
This semester has seriously been a blessing in disguise. I've never been happier. Never been more free, more care free, more me. Back to me. I am so happy. And I mean it. We ended up going to Celebration on Saturday. Celebration is this place in Orlando; city or something that is exactly like the Step Ford Wives movie. Literally! The place is adorable. They had vendors everywhere selling anything you could imagine for the month of October. There was a live little band playing oldies, carriage rides... pretty much the works. Then the leaves fell. of course all of us made our way to the front. Past the little kids where the little paper cut out leaves shot out at us. It was honestly so much fun! I felt like a little kid again, even though I was ten feet taller than all the little kids behind me. To end the most perfect night we went to Krispy Kreme. Where the HOT sign was on! They literally melt in your mouth; and if you have not had a Krispy Kreme HOT donut... you do NOT know what you are missing. It is literally heaven in your mouth... delish.
Fake paper leaves. Adorable right?

As good as it gets in the Sunshine State!

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