Friday, October 8, 2010

Change can be defined as making something different, or a transformation.
CHANGE. Such a big deal, big word, big step... c.h.a.n.g.e.
A person can say they've change or that they have changed. But what makes it believable.
Actions speak louder than words.
What made you change, why do you want to change, if this never happened would you have changed?
Don't change for me, change for yourself. Change for the better.
Change for your happiness and no one else's. Change is scary, and new.
Do you think you're up for the challenge, do you think you can change. It takes time.
It all takes time. Time is all we got. But maybe it's too late.. and there is no more time.
What then? What to do? Will you still change?

Whatever you do, do it for you... and for God... and your happiness.
Time will tell... but I am happy. Content and happy.
God is good every day. Showing his glory to me more and more every day.

Love. Happiness. Truth. I will find it... one day, it's out there.

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