Saturday, October 2, 2010

I know that this is God given. That this happiness, this weight lifted from my shoulders this calm peaceful feeling is from him. It's weird when you think God has walked out of your life, and you are doing it on your own, but after all he has been there the entire time. The silent whisper, the ever so powerful hug, the shoulder to cry on. With every inch of me I know that God hears my cries and catches my tears, well if I had any. But like I just previously stated... this happiness is God given. Happiness comes from God.

God gave me the strength to walk away. To show me that in this life, I am going to be okay. I am going to be just fine. To show me what I really want out of life, and who I want that life with. I need a man of God that will lift me up. Make me a better person, make me want more out of life. You my friend, my once friend... did not do that for me. So it makes it easier. To know that I am one step closer in following God's will in my life. You were placed for a reason, we went through all we did for a reason. But that reason is done. I've never been more happy.

Happiness is weird, because you choose to be happy. It's a choice, but how many of us are truly happy? Truly satisfied...

I am.

With every inch. Every fiber in my body I am happy. Happy and excited for the life ahead of me.

Last night was filled with laughs. C, B, and me all dressed to the nines go out for a girls night. Looking oh so beautiful. Cheese cake factory was the first stop. Where food had not hit my body in about three days, but I sure downed the biggest grilled cheese known to man. With not a plate, but a bucket, like legit classy bucket of golden crisp french fries. Mmm... delish.

The rest of the night was full of fun and eventful memories, that you guessed it are still funny today.
I love my friends and I genuinely love my life. 

Genuinely <3

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  1. i love it(:
    I smile the whooole time reading this! you are gorgeousss and i can tell that smile is GENUINE! miss & love you sissttaahh